Sunday, 16 October 2022

Chloe Jones EP

Chloe Jones is a singer songwriter from the Manchester area of the UK and has been on the music scene since the release of her debut EP in 2016, Meet You There about her tales of travelling the USA. Chloe is an Americana, country, folk singer releasing songs that would sit comfortable in all of these genres and more. Voice of a Woman has now added Chloe to the ones to watch always for her talent not only in singing, but in creating lyrics that instantly take you with her where she is going within the song, and this is a talent that Chloe has in abundance. Chloe has been nominated in the British Country Music Festival as female of the year alongside Kezia Gill, Jade Helliwell, Sarah Louise and Emilia Quinn. 

Sundown EP was released on September 30 2022 and is a collection of some of the most beautiful songs I have heard. The title of this EP suggests a stunning view of the sun going down and brings you into what stories and tales Chloe has in store for us. 

Crocodile is the first track on the EP which was inspired by seeing something in a paper, in a wild crocodile and writing a song about the phrase and what it would bring up. This track has sass, feistiness and so much more within it and a classy video to be checked out also with guns and lassoes! This track has an americana and country feel to it and a beautiful use of steel guitar with Chloes vocal lilting over the song. I love the vibes in this track, the whole feel and the story bringing the wild crocodile to a new heights! Production is simple yet so effective to bring this story to life and to bring the sass of the song out. 

Damsel is the next track on the EP and it begins with simple acoustic guitar and Chloes vocal travelling away and missing someone and wanting them to be with you. Chloe has such a talent to bring you with her into the song, it feels like she is there with you singing it just to you. Her vocal brings out the pain of being on your own and the ambient drums, steel guitar, acoustic guitar crescendos throughout the song and it is all simply stunning. This is a stellar example of the talent Chloes has to craft a beautiful song and bring you the listener in at every step.

Giving Up The Ghost is one of the most upbeat in terms of musicality and pace although the subject matter makes you think. 

"who are we, we are drifters travelling by land and by sea, company we are listeners nothing gets in between"

The song takes you in traveling again, this time for something/someone you love who then has to go again and what this leaves the narrator with. This could be one of the best songs on the EP, again demonstrating the song writing ability and talent of this artist, Simply breath-taking.

New Mexico is one of the songs Voice of a Woman has always loved from Chloe for the lyrical visuals it brings up, the steel guitar, Chloes vocal tone on the song telling the story and painting a picture of the beautiful white mountains in New Mexico. Chloe tells someone the story she has been wanting to tell from seeing a picture of these hills in New Mexico and I just travel with her in this song as I do in all of her songs, this one in particular gets me and I just get taken on a journey with her every phrase and chorus. It is so beautifully crafted form instrumentation to her vocal. I just love the feel the minor chords bring to this song, it deserves a special mention for me.

Big Man Says finishes this EP off beautifully, an acoustic feel with Chloe and a guitar. An Ambient piano comes in at times throughout the song though the whole feel of this song is simple yet effective. 

"Big man says it must be true, he says he loves me more than you"

Words sometimes fail me in reviews to try and describe the beauty and talent I am listening to and this is exactly an example of this with Chloes whole EP. Chloe is such a naturally talented songwriter and you do get taken along with her in her stories and with her voice. She is one of the best the UK scene has to offer and officially a Voice of a Woman one to watch. I cannot say enough good things about this artist and talent and I see huge things for her in her future. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Sarah Yeo : West Country Music Festival

Now I am back in the land of the living and back to the usual working routine (well shift work where I am) I am now able to write down my thoughts about one of the festivals I went to back in August, The West Country Music Festival founded and organised by the one and only Sarah Yeo. This festival was in the most beautiful grounds a festival can be held, the sun was shining and as I am now known, Leeds Linda was ready to enjoy the day of music that was awaiting us. It is a case of if you know you know or if you have been told you have been told.  

Devon is one of the most beautiful parts in the UK and Muddifold court had so much to offer artists, the crowd and all who were in attendance. Greeting you at the gates were the great team of people helping Sarah on the day as well as Ducks, Guineapigs and an array of animals to talk to. When you arrived the layout of the welcome desk to the stage to food and merch was so well thought out and planned and there was chairs and tables to eat at beside the vendors. For a day festival there was plenty of choice to eat and drink and the crepes were amazing! 

I am bringing the attention back to this festival as it was one of the most enjoyable I have been to in terms of how welcome everyone felt from artists, volunteers, people paying for tickets and those there who were press. Sarah was so thoughtful in the organisation of this event and included everyone in so many thoughtful ways and it was such a wonderful day to be a part of and an event to attend in the future for sure! A hen do turned up and she went from the festival to get a card, alcohol and a small gift to present the bride to be with from the stage. The facilities were superb, in terms of green rooms, what a room with EVERYTHING you could need including pain relief. She really thought of everyone and welcomed everyone equally. 

Let us get to the music and the artists who played, taking us into the day and starting us off gently with some traditional country was an artist I was not familiar with. Alan West and friends. What a treat to gently start of the day with one of the most traditional sounding country voices and a great choice of classic traditional country songs with some top musicians joining him on stage. Paying hommage to some of the greats in country music, his set was class and an education in this genre in country. 

Donna Marie was up next with her set and I just love her performance in vocal, guitar and so much more, so so beautiful with some great songs in modern country with americana and folk. One of the most underrated artists in the UK scene who deserves a lot more recognition for the work she does solo and well as with Doveties. If you get a chance go and see her. 

The acts on the line up for the day continued with an excellent line up of the best the UK has to offer in the country scene and that alone needs mentioning, The UK country scene is growing and there are so many talented artists in the scene and beyond presenting the best the scene has to offer and seeing all these UK acts was a treat for all music fans as well as a celebration of the range of country music styles within the UK. Other highlights included seeing the gorgeous Tennessee Twin and their stunning harmonies mesmerise the audience as well as seeing the fabulous Geoff mead doing hosting duties and doing rather well. On the day a last minute change was Nia Nichols in the place of Bob Fitgerald from the list below. It was so good seeing her live, she is quirky, original and has a very unique voice and songs. Very quirky lyrics and talent and an artist you should go and look up. 

I mean just look at the line up above in the evening bringing the bands on stage after an acoustic first half and did the bands bring it! The Phoenix River band were very new to me, great singers and performers with powerful voices and many of them to produce a great sound to start of any evening party.  

Sarah Yeo herself organising the whole festival, planning everything and running around asking sure everyone was ok performed a full band set and slayed. I love Sarah's voice, it is so beautiful and she is an artist who deserves more attention and success so go and listen, check out and discover. 

Gasoline and Matches brought the house down as they always do, Steve and Sally are such a great team and with the band they brought the party. Steve plays a mean guitar as the saying goes so if you are anywhere near Birmingham uk you will see them and see them you must! 

The headliner needs no introduction these days. Kezia Gill is such a talented performer who hones her skills to any occasion whether it is with the band or acoustically, she literally brought the party as well as the feels with a few acoustic numbers she sang about her father and mental health. This woman is carving the way for many to add them to the likes of C2C and so much more. It is amazing to watch her any time she sings. She engages the audience so well you think she is singing just to you and you go away feeling better and wanting more. A sterling headliner and what a first festival for Sarah and the team. I for one cannot wait for the next one.

Finishing off as an after party the songs and stories collective did a writers round with a fire, marshmallows and treats to eat, we were all spoiled and here is to so much more of the same in the future. 

Sarah and the team thank you and see you next year! See YOU next year too in the audience! 

Sarah Yeo Website

West Country Music Festival Website website

Photos Little Ninja Photograpy. (Jill) Facebook

Friday, 15 July 2022

Jenny Colquitt Soldier of the Modern Day

Jenny Colquitt is one of those artists who you hear rarely in this music industry in terms of creating art and music about real life and the things we experience in life from day to day. She is one of the most skilled artists and songwriters Voice of a Woman has discovered since starting this journey over two years ago. Her craft is exemplary and now this
artist deserves the recognition and support that reflects this.

Jenny comes from a little town in the North West of England, Widnes. Jenny has rediscovered the love and passion for music throughout covid while live streaming and building a loyal fan base who show support and love for all she does. Jenny is working hard to pursue her goals and spread her music as far and wide as is possible and this is paying off with industry experts listening and helping her to get to the next level. Watch this space! 

Her debut album "Something Beautiful" was released in November 2021 showcasing four amazing singles, Dirty Town, Shape, Something Beautiful and God The Father. Touring support for this album included appearances at Beardy Folk Festival, Cornbury Festival and the most prestigious festival in the world Glastonbury. Jenny was personally invited to perform at the John Peel stage, backstage after the success of her solo performance at this festival.  For those that may not know John Peel was a radio one DJ who spent time discovering the best new and emerging independent musicians. Jenny has also won awards for best female singer songwriter from FATEA magazine and GSMC along with having her music on rotation in many stations and also a live session on BBC radio London with Salma El Wardany. 

Soldier of the Modern Day came out 15 July 2022 marks the start of new music from Jenny after the success of her debut album. What words can you sometimes find to do songs like this justice that make you think and are just superb on so many levels. 

This song starts gently drawing you in with guitar and a gentle sound of ambient strings and
the softest of vocals from Jenny asking some questions about this life we are living. This
ambience and use of instrumentation creating the atmosphere for this song, almost eerie like
and depicting a smoke like effect in my mind. 

"Is anybody out here, is anybody hearing us, is anybody round the corner, is anybody in

Jenny has such a great working relationship with Dave from Alibi Productions, who works closely with Jenny recording and producing her solo material,  and listening to all these songs you can hear such thoughtful work and care going into each and every
sound, lyric and meaning and where and when each instrument comes into the song. 

This single talks about being a soldier of the modern day using the
metaphor of a solider. "I want to be a soldier, solider of the modern day"; Not necessarily in
war as it is a metaphor for the trails and tribulations in the modern day world and how brave
and courageous we are in life as solders are in battle to keep going and survive and asking in my mind that we keep the
most vulnerable as safe as we can and go out there in whatever capacity we want to in life
and keep on battling, Sometimes we may win and sometimes we may not as the chorus
"I don't mind this life of mine is killing me inside, I don't mind please take my body put it
on the line take my life don't take my children leave them 
all behind I don't mind this heart of mine it's frozen inside"

The song continues exploring these themes of battling life and what it entails in day to day activities. 

"Do you want to be a fighter, fighter for the human race" 
Jenny is so skilled at evoking strong emotions in all of her songs and this song is no different and the song builds and builds into the second chorus leading into the bridge.
The bridge brings in drums and crescendo to the final chorus where we hear the strength of
Jenny's vocals in this chorus to the climax of the song. 

There is so much skill and excellence to admire in this track from artist and producer. The
metaphor is using Soldier of the Modern day would make you think it could be about war and maybe it is in a sense but it goes deeper than that. How do we as human beings live in this modern world with all that goes on on a daily basis, how do we fight to protect ourselves and those we love? How do we protect the rights of human beings and defend their honour? How do we win these battles? How does this modern life affect us? What do
we think about? How do we protect and help the most vulnerable in our society, the children to enable them the skills and techniques they need in every way to fight the battles they fight on a daily basis. Life can be wonderful and life can be hard and as humans lets be courageous, strong, kind and caring as we fight each day.

This is another stunning example of the power and skill of Jenny as a Songwriter and performer and just shows the calibre of artist she is and is continuing to be on a daily basis.

Go check out this song on Spotify here and you can find more information about here here on her website.

Her next project is with her band ELY and you can now pre save their new single PAPA coming on 12 August. 

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Jenny Colquitt Something Beautiful


Jenny Colquitt is a singer songwriter from North west of England from a place called Widnes who crafts songs with emotive lyrics and memorable melodies. Her debut EP Wide Open Spaces was released in 2016 with her follow up EP Dear Daughter released at the end of last year. Tell Me Where the Light is, from the Dear Daughter EP, is a song that has captured the hearts of fans and industry alike and was featured as one of the songs on the Halcyon Fatea Showcase Sessions Summer 2021, which is a downloadable body of the year’s most recognised music. Her songs are fused with folk, rock, pop with a touch of country in some of her previous releases. Captain Thomas Moore is one of her most country sounding songs and was released last year with a video to raise money for the Captain Thomas Moore foundation to celebrate the life of this man who did amazing things for nurses who work in the NHS.  

Over the course of the last year or so Jenny gained a massive worldwide following from fans and industry alike  through livestreams, blog features, artist of the week features and continuous live streams on twitch, Facebook and YouTube. Jenny was recently awarded the title of Best Solo Singer/Songwriter at the Graham Steel Music Company Awards and has amassed more than 2000 followers on Twitch, the music and gaming streaming service. 

November the 26 sees the release of Jenny Colquitt's debut album and over the course of the last few months has been releasing singles in the lead up to this. Dirty Town, Shape and on Friday 15th October Jenny brings us Something Beautiful, the albums title track. 

The story behind this song is to remind us that in each of us there is something beautiful and we all have something unique and special to offer this world. The day Jenny wrote this song she had struggled with a lot of things having had a terrible day, things were feeling so overwhelming and kept piling up and negative opinions of those around her only added to these feelings of being not good enough and self doubt and feeling unworthy. This song was born from this day. 

This folk/pop/rock track begins with what is thunder and a piano intro introducing what is this horrible day and Jenn's signature vocal sings

"was it something I said is it my fault will anyone hear me the day that I fall into my head away from it all are you happy to see me walk down this road"

What strikes me most about this track is the great drum beat behind the song that builds to the pre chorus and builds again to the chorus where we have an evanescence sounding chorus. Harmonies kick in in the chorus to add depth and everything complements each other. 

Throughout the track we hear the thunder now and again which adds so much emotion and frustration within this track which is where this story and song came from. This is such a simple idea that adds so much to the track and adds another level. We have a guitar solo that kicks in in the instrumental section that adds to the rockier edge feel to the track. 

This track is powerful, has such thoughtful and amazing production behind it that does not take away from the powerhouse vocal Jenny displays on this track and that she has become known for. You can hear the frustration in her voice and when you sing along it will definitely take some of your frustrations away too. Credit goes to Dave at Alibi Productions for the work here with Jenny. Everything has been discussed openly and it is apparent that they have worked as a team to produce a stand out track and is the title track of the forthcoming album out soon.

Jenny Colquitt is Voice of a Woman one to watch always since first discovering her throughout lockdown when she was requested for an all hour request show. She has such a natural skill for song writing and brings them to life with her stunning, spinetingling vocals and deserves to be recognised far and wide in this industry. 

Pre save here

For more information go here

Thursday, 7 October 2021

Louise Parker I've Forgotten How To Smile

Louise Parker is a modern country pop singer from Chelmsford Essex and has been in the music industry since her debut release EP Robin Hood in 2013. In 2020 she released one of her most personal songs that helped establish her name in the British country music scene and she was nominated for many awards following this song, Lie To Me. What a moment Louise created with this song. Over the course of lockdown Louise has been streaming regularly and has grown a loyal "frand" base. To explain frands it is fan that have become friends over this time and will always be there supporting her in her musical journey. Her debut album life in silver linings came out throughout lockdown which is a culmination of reimagined songs from her career as well as a stunning duet with the equally talented Joey Clarkson. Frand favourites on this album include her song about her time in Nashville, her relationship with her frands in Love Story and the stunning single Lie to Me and the sassy Rear View Mirror. 

Tomorrow 08 Oct sees Louise Parker start her new musical journey with her new single I've Forgotten How To Smile. Recently I had the pleasure of attending Louise's headline show in the camden Chapel where she sang this song live. When artists sing a song live that is personal and means so much to them you can see it in every ounce of their being when they are singing and this happened that night when she announced and performed this song, "I've Forgotten How To Smile" I had to fight back the tears as it was mesmerizing and an introduction into the development of this artists craft and performance. 

Louise has spoke openly about mental health and her journey with this in her songs and on her social media and this new music journey starts in Mental Health Awareness month with this new song. This is her "Imperfect Recovery"

This artwork shows pain, imperfect comfort, her heart in her back and in one of the most vulnerable poses being naked and raw. This shows you what the songs is about in this stunning picture.

This single starts with simple piano with Louise singing mostly acapella with the piano pausing to let Louise sing and talk about the message in this song that is not only relatable but also painful and beautiful all at the same time. 

"I'm awake at 5am and I just stare at my ceiling and try to make sense of it all, I've been trying to find some meaning cause my hearts still beating It only hurts when I'm breathing"

The piano then joins Louise for the chorus with Louise working through the raw pain of the ending of a relationship and what it can do to us all "I've forgotten how to Smile" We are all human and this song is so relatable and is one of those songs that will make you feel less alone if you have felt this. It is a song that resonates more than most given the personal topic. 

Strings have always been an instrument that adds so much more emotion and depth to any song and this one the arrangement is so beautiful and they join in on the second verse to build the song. There is no drums in this song as it does not need them, simple accompaniment to produce a skilled and incredible production that will only bring more frands into the family as well as gain the attention of more in the musical industry. 

I cannot but feel so moved and emotional when Louise sings the title of her single with two words missing, just leaves you wanting more and it is a song that will stay with you for a long time. 

Louise has created another magical moment which will surpass Lie To Me and this imperfect recovery she is on will only go to help her not only be nominated for awards but to win them. Congratulations to all involved in the production of this song. 

Go Presave and let me know what you think when the clock strikes midnight.

Emilia Quinn Medicate


Emilia Quinn is alternative country/americana artist who brings her own unique twists to the songs she creates, releases and produces. Emilia does this with so much heart, soul, authenticity and brings her unique quality vocal we at Voice of a Woman likes to call "gritt" This gritt is such a unique vocal quality that  brings another level of emotion and quality in her own individual story telling. In the industry there is always the "one to watch" label that is placed on artists and this artist is one of those for this reason and so many more. 

Emilia released her Debut EP wrote off in 2017 which is a three track acoustic EP which was very well received and a great introduction into the artists talent, song writing and vocal ability. This was followed by some amazing projects with her follow up EP "Firecracker" which was named EP of the year at the Belles and Gals awards in 2021 and brought us the epic track Outlaw amongst others. This EP was fully produced and well worth checking out if you haven't and you can check out thought on this right here!

Emilia is not one to procrastinate or not get on with things, two of her massive projects more or less happened simultaneously with "Girl Talk" single release featuring more than 30 artists within the music industry in a video and also most of them singing on the song and while this was going on, and just for fun I would think, she released from scratch a double single with This World and M.I L.A which showed a small insight into the next chapter for Emilia. These two emotional and stunning songs were stunning in their simplicity and emotive in their delivery. The video for This World is on you tube and is as moving as the song. 

Emilia has solidified her place as a hard working artist who is authentic in her art as she is hardworking and Friday 08 October sees Emilia release her next chapter and possibly her most personal music release yet with her EP "Medicate" Medicate is a collection of four songs that can only be described as vulnerable, raw, honest and as such are a selection of well though out, crafted art that propels Emilia even more into the spotlight as a project that deserves to be listened to by the millions and more. This is music that is always going to be there for you in more ways than one. Medicate EP are songs written during times when Emilia felt low and worked through some deep retrospection. People cope with life, trauma and pain differently and some of these can take it's toll on you as a person. Song writing is a way to create something beautiful after this trauma. 

This EP comes out during mental health awareness month which is coincidental in this way Emilia states, this release is amore a way to move on and start a fresh going in to her 24rth year in life and what a way to do this. I have no doubt it will help many others to do the same as well as propel her even further into the spotlight as one to watch and someone who deserves serious recognition for this work of art. 

Art does not only come in the form of song but also in artwork for releases and this artwork deserves mentioning as it portrays these songs in a beautifully painful way. It is like Emilia is not only relaxing in a bath but that she could be drowning in all the thoughts and feelings that have brought her to the lowest points in life surrounded by a beautiful rose. Tammy Barker is responsible for this artwork and creation and it just depicts this EP in such a profound way and huge congratulations to her for this!. 

Worse Than Whiskey starts this collection of songs off on the EP and has been the leading song to introduce this EP to the world. We first hear a slow drum beat before a beautiful heart tugging pedal steel solo plays and Emilia starts singing. 

"Back to back after another pointless commotion, it's so hard to break through to your emotions, leave a light on incase you want to come home, won't you jump in and join me in the unknown"

On this song Emilia's vocals are pure, raw, honest and palpable bringing the story of this song to life. The pedal steel comes in and out adding so much depth to the lyrics and rings out throughout the song. This song does not specifically have a chorus as such however I was moved by the repeated lines that change throughout the song in some ways that relationships can change over time from bitter sweet kisses, conditional kisses and finally tumble edge kisses burning the throat worse than whiskey. The challenges and turmoil people can sometimes go through come through in this song and is simply one of those classic country ballads in the making. It also has to be mentioned that there is an amazing guitar solo in the instrumental part that only adds to this beautiful pain being experienced. What a start. 

Pretty Pink Pills follows worse than whiskey. Emilia has described this song as medication that medical professionals prescribe to help with mental health difficulties. This can be a positive thing for a lot of people and is important to take medication if it works for you but it did not work for Emilia. This song inspired the title of this EP Medicate as this line comes up in the song. This song starts and grabs your attention with what sounds like someone crying and sobbing from whatever it is that is causing then distress and then Emilia starts singing

"Pretty Pink Pills help bring you back when you lose yourself one two three three times a day with a meal, medicate"

As human beings positive and negative emotions are part and parcel of being human and being alive and what works for some people will not work for others. How will you know you are feeling things if you are numb from medication taking this away. For Emilia this is one of the most personal songs on this EP and it is such an important topic for people as what helps people get better is different for each and every one of us and this song celebrates all that is to be human and that is more than ok. Emilia's vocals are again raw, authentic and honest showcasing an artist who is delving deep to produce quality songwriting at it's heart. 

High is a song that has been mentioned in the campaign Emilia has been running up until the release of this EP which has seen artists, friends, family and more listening to the EP and talking about what song is their fav along with choosing songs that go into a plauylist to deal with and help them through the difficult times we can all face in life. This song is one that centres around having a drink rather than having to deal with what you do not want to deal with. "I'd Rather Get High"
This song has a rock edge of it for me with instrumentation that complements this as well as some serious vocal gymnastics from Emilia herself letting out some serious frustration. I can see why this song is a highlight for a lot of people.

Headrush is the song that closes this EP and this opens up with just Emilia and guitar accompaniment. This is poignant, stunning and again as with the fell of this EP we have raw, honest and authentic vocals and story 
"Feels like I'm in a courtroom judge and jury is you but you've got it all wrong"
 This song had originally been written on piano and brought over to the guitar. I love the time signature this is in giving it a great feel and giving Emilia the opportunity again to showcase her vocals, her song writing and her lyrics. The song builds adding backing vocals, harmonies and that gorgeous drumming pattern. This is another classic ballad and resonates with the listener from the beginning, In relationships we cannot always get on with each other, their is always a difference of opinions. Keep a hold of something that is good for you in the long run taking the good with the bad. "You're my revival"

Emilia has produced an EP that is a contender for not only EP of the year but an EP that will stand the test of time in years to come. This is music that is from the heart and soul talking about a subject that some find it difficult to discuss but many go through on a daily basis and may try to hide it. This EP is your revival and deserves to propel Emilia Quinn further in the music industry as a credible, skilled and professional songwriter, singer, musician and artist. This proves that something so so beautiful and powerful to help so many more can come from something so painful and music is therapy. Congratulations Emilia on a stellar work of art. Go presave, support and do all the things you need to do to get this EP out there worldwide where it deserves to be. It may be short notice as well but if you go on to her patreon site you may get an invite to her EP launch which is tomorrow by invite only! 

Drums - James Newsome
Bass - Mike Addy
Electric guitar - Robert Campbell
Pedal steel - Steven Hicken Jr
Acoustic guitar and vocals - Emilia Quinn
Mix engineer - Arjun Doel
Mastering Engineer - Mark Wickenden

Pre save link is right here 

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Adele and Andy Earl


Adele and Andy are a husband and wife modern country duo hailing from Staffordshire UK and have been building their reputation and career in the scene throughout lockdown and continue to do so impressing critics and supporters alike. Adele has a pure, raw, vulnerable and silky voice that complements and goes together with Andy's very skilled and talented guitar playing. They have both helped each other gain confidence in their respective skills and to see them play live and see them on live streams is a joy to watch as their chemistry is captivating and their support of each other amazing to see. An award winning duo, together they have released an album "Watch Over You" in 2020 and Where I Belong EP in 2021 both garnered critical acclaim and have solidified their place within the UK country scene. 

Adele and Andy have been building a fanbase on twitch recently where you are able to see them live every wed, Friday and Sunday evening. The growth and experience they are gaining through this medium is exceptional so come along and join them. 

Friday 25 June sees their latest release coming out and it is a heart wrenching tale of "Earl" who was accused of  raping a young girl and he was executed for this crime and he was not guilty. The young girl was just trying to cover up her shame and embarrassment of falling pregnant after a one night stand. Adele and Andy have a unique talent in their song writing to recount these stories which is at the heart of what country music is, three chords and the truth. Their previous single "As Much As I Miss You" was a story about a mother who did not want her son to go to war just like his father did and the video that accompanied this was as moving as the lyrics themselves. 

What words can describe this song, it is heart wrenching, moving and so so sad. The productions and instruments used add to the emotion this song displays in this story and Adele's voice sings of the tale so beautifully it can almost bring you to tears. It is a country song through and through.

" That night in the car she felt so much shame lost all control needed someone to blame Earl worked the fields on her papas farm the boy had a smile and it worked like a charm"

Adele's soft and silky vocal tells this story with so much sensitivity over the soft drumming pattern and that electric guitar that comes in now and again to give a tug to those heart strings. 

The production of this song is soft and takes care of the story and Adele's voice shines throughout

"Earl sat in silence doing his time an innocent boy had committed no crime a death row pardon minutes to late a floored system had sealed his fate

My heart breaks for Earl in this song even though towards the end of the narrative the lady comes forward to say he was innocent but it was too late. People fondly remember Earl and pay tribute to him and his memory, thankfully he was pardoned but it was too late. 

The electric guitar at the end is so well timed and placed that it only goes to add to the depth of emotion that this song brings up. This solidifies this couple's talent in song writing tackling real life stories of just sheer heartbreak and injustice and this single deserves so much praise and success. This duo are going from strength to strength and there is an EP to come very shortly including this single which is very exciting. 

Presave on Spotify helps artists gain success and to get them on to playlists to take their music further so help these artists out in the last few hours of today and stream till your hearts content. This country duo are special and look out for their EP coming later in the year! 

Go and follow and support! Not long till this song come out into the world for all to hear! Go click on the link to their facebook where you can find more information.