Tuesday 22 June 2021

Jenny Colquitt Dirty Town

If you have not heard the name Jenny Colquitt yet this is the time to discover the voice and talent as Jenny releases this first single "Dirty Town" from her upcoming, highly anticipated debut album later in the year. Once you have heard this voice you will want to discover more of her catalogue and be on this exciting journey she is embarking on with her. Jenny's ability in the craft of writing a song from striking, heart wrenching and powerful lyrics and great melodies to the vocal delivery make you listen and take notice as she is one of those talents that are just sheer brilliance. Jenny is and will always be one to watch for Voice of a Woman and she was a featured artist in December 2020 with a stunning live stream of original songs and just to watch her growth and confidence in such a short time is nothing but extraordinary. 

Jenny Colquitt is a singer songwriter from the North West of England who has been making a name for herself building an online following with weekly streams on Facebook, YouTube and most recently on twitch. Jenny is not new to the music scene having started a YouTube channel in 2012 creating original and cover videos. Jenny was voted the best original artist for the Graham Steel Music Company and her song Tell Me Where The Light Is, which is such a beautifully crafted loving tribute to those we have lost, made Halcyon Fatea Showcase Sessions Summer 2021, which is a downloadable body of the year's most recognised music. Jenny has so far released 2 stunning EP's The Quiet Kind (2016), Dear Daughter (2020) and a charity single in aid of the Captain Thomas Moore Foundation.

"Dirty Town" is coming to you this coming Friday and is a song that has a dark theme to it as in life people can subject you to such negativity, not listen to what you have to say and sometimes put you down. This is Jenny's answer to them and in a therapeutic way to explore these feelings and situations and create this song that makes you destress and think of these things yourself. I have done this many times!

Dirty town begins with a soft piano riff and soft vocals from Jenny herself

"I'm wasting time, wasting time catching all these butterflies, stuck in my mouth the words I wanna say to you ain't getting out"

The production on this song has been well thought out with Dave from Alibi productions and together they have created elements using the drum pattern, the riff and guitar that add more depth to the lyrics and theme of the song. Jenny explains it   “The whole track is a tribute to shouting from the rooftops and wanting to escape, be heard, and be taken seriously. (…) It was therapeutic to write and record!” The verse builds and builds to the chorus and I know you will be singing along!! All the JCstreamies do (her loyal supporters)

"Let me out away from all the feeling in this dirty town we'll make a wooden boat so we can sail it out I'll never let them see me turn round"

The song goes softer in the second verse with very striking lyrics that hit home to me when hearing this song 

"you found your voice but no one wants to hear a baby making noise, sit and be quiet there's a corner over there for you dear child" 

The song builds and builds and adds a second chorus cementing the story telling in the song that throughout all the negativity this girl is going to sail away and not look back making all her dreams come true. We all have our story and important message to tell and this is the most important aspect i take away from the song when I listen. Jenny brings her vocal prowess to the forefront in this song as well as her ability to write lyrics and convey to listeners the full emotion of the song. This is only the beginning of the journey ahead. 

The accompanying video for this song will be out two days after the song on 27th and to say that this elevates the song and theme even more is a understatement. Jenny cares about what she is doing and this is so evident in everything she is doing and she got a very talented video company to make the video filmed in her hometown of Widnes with actor Phil Denton and made by Red Visuals company.  

Jenny Colquitt is one of the most talented artists Voice of a Woman has discovered and with every new song and artistic endeavours she does she never ceases to produce the best with passion and heart and this deserves recognition and success in abundance. I would presave, follow and support this talented lady on this journey as she is set to gain even more support throughout this journey of her debut album. I cannot put into word how incredible it is to be a small part of this talented artists journey, Remember the name and go presave, follow and buy her music! 

All socials and pre save link are right here! 


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